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Parent/Carer consent for Year 5/6 swimming

If you have an Older Team child (yr 5 or 6), please enter your name HERE to authorise them to swim without their parent/carer present. This applies to Older Team children only.

Accompanying adult and guest use of the pool (max 4)

Please include the names of other accompanying adults and regular guests who may use the pool during out of school hours sessions (please include age if under 18).

Terms & conditions

To ensure the safety of all swimmers, no-one is permitted to enter the water until advised to do so by one of the two Spotters. It is the responsibility of supervising parents/carers to ensure that their child(ren) are adhering to the rules. The following supervision ratios must be adhered to:

  • Pre-school children require an adult in the water with them at all times, therefore the adult needs to sign up to swim too (i.e. included in the headcount allocation)
  • The adult supervision ratio poolside is 1 adult to 3 children (up to the age of 8)
  • If your child is school age (i.e. Foundation and above) an adult does not need to be present in the water 
  • With parental consent Year 5 & 6 can attend the pool without adult supervision
  • Year 4 children that are over the age of 8 do not count towards the adult supervision ratio of 1:3 but must have an adult present poolside for the duration of the session. 
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